Consulting CTO and Software Development Services

Technical assistance and advice, software development, prototyping and integration.

Consulting CTO

Are you starting a brand new business venture or having issues with a software system you're developing internally or via an external development company? We can provide technical know how and advice and be your in house CTO

Prototyping and MVP

Do you have an idea for a project and just want to test the waters and prove the concept and business model? We can help you get your ideas off the ground by building a prototype or MVP system.

Systems Integration

Do you have lots of separate software systems running different aspects of your business? We can help you integrate many of these systems and allow them to exchange valuable information.

Internet of Things (IOT)

We live in a connected world, with physical devices collecting information and performing everyday tasks. We can help you to get these devices connected in to your systems.

Software Development

Are you frustrated that software doesn't work quite how you would like? We can help you develop bespoke software to meet your exact requirements, targeting both mobile and desktop devices.


We can help deploy and maintain your software systems either in your on-premises infrastructure, data centers or in a cloud infrastructure.